Terms of use (2nd floor Gallery)

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1) PERIOD One Unit: 6 days, from Thursday through Tuesday (closed on Wednesdays) 2) TIME 12:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. lasy day closed at 5 p.m. 3) TRANSPORTATION In: between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, or after 12:30 p.m. on Thursday Out: by 7 p.m. on the last day of the Period 4) FEE a) One Unit (6 days): \72,000 b) Payment: 50% as booking fee by the time of application, 50% by the first day of the exhibition. The booking fee will not be returned if the exhibition is cancelled for reasons due to the applicant. c) Full payment of the Fee will be required when the exhibition is cancelled less than 2 months prior to the opening of the exhibition. d) The Gallery may be booked during any period in between exhibitions on a per day basis. (business days: \12,000; weekends/holidays: \15,000) 5) SALES OF ARTWORK Any sales of artwork will be handled on the 1st (Please specify the price for every artwork. If the work is not for sale or is sold, please specify this as well accordingly.) 6) APPLICATION a) Upon consultation of a portfolio, exhibition not matching the concept of the Gallery (including outdoor gallery and interior/exterior decoration of the 1st be declined. b) Works not created by the Applicant shall not be included in the exhibition. c) Any exhibition differing from the presentation made at the time of application, and lending or transferring of the rights of use will not be allowed, in which case the fee will not be returned. 7) INVITATIONS Preparation of invitations, flyers, etc. will be at the cost of the Applicant. 8) FACILITIES AND MEANS OF EXHIBITION Halogen lights (maximum 5), socket x 2, picture rail, and reel x 12. The exhibition space will generally be within the Gallery only. Use of nails and tapes on the exhibiting walls (linden plywood, 12mm) are accepted but on prior consultation. Any exhibiting materials shall be prepared by the Applicant. Repairs after the exhibition floor with a 20% fee of sales price. floor cafe) may may be required. Placement of chairs, tables, and footlights may be rearranged with prior consultation. Curtains and windows may be opened or closed freely. Projector (including speakers) may be used. (Electricity fee: \500 per day) 9) MAINTENANCE AND DISCLAIMER OF ARTWORK Any artwork will be handled with the utmost care. However the Gallery will not be responsible for any damages caused by earthquake, fire, theft, or any other force majeure occurrence. Any damages to the walls, floor, or furnishing (including equipment) or loss thereof will be the responsibility of the Applicant for the necessary repairs and refurnishing. 10) MISCELLANEOUS a) Smoking is not allowed inside the Gallery. b) Bringing in food and/or drinks into the Gallery will not be allowed. They may be ordered at the 1st floor cafe. (Please consult for parties.) c) The exhibition space may also be used for “art” other than flat work, 3D work, image work, independent films; please consult. d) Any events (e.g. parties) not aiming at the exhibition of artwork as its principal purpose will not be accepted. e) Any violation of the Terms of Use will result in immediate suspension of the exhibition and the Fee will not be returned. ***Terms of Use may change without notice.